STRATOSPHEERIUS – Behind The Curtain

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STRATOSPHEERIUS - Behind The Curtain

Behind The Curtain

Welcome to one’s nightmare: the violin shooter goes me(n)tal.


Global disposition hasn’t changed much in the two years since "The Next World..."; it changed for worse some might say, and Joe Deninzon, for all his optimism, is one of those people. His band’s new single is a nervous piece full of heavy riffs and barks that perfectly convey the social media paranoia, so typical for these days.

“Click your heels three times and wish for the courage,” Deninzon sings, yet the only magic to happen here comes from his strings attack when Joe loosens it all to get into the eye of the hurricane where the calm reigns.

There’s madness, too, but one you would like to be in sometimes – if only for the attention it draws. Step in the zone, then.


December 8, 2014

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