STRAWBS’ Dave Cousins Recovering

Dave Cousins Ⓒ Michel ParentDespite the evil rumor going round in America, the reason for STRAWBS cancelling their July-August tour wasn’t Dave Cousins having prostate cancer. Still, the veteran’s not being too well at the moment. In June, after choking on a cup of tea near his house, Dave lost consciousness and fell on the pavement, smashing his head, but the real problem emerged when he was back from the hospital: a kidney stone had been dislodged, which required an operation. Back home now, Cousins is recuperating, and there’s no scare, yet taking to the road would be dangerous.

Wishing the artist speedy, one can send a get well message to his webmaster, who will forward it to Dave and, if there’s no objections, put it up on Strawbsweb.

July 10, 2015

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