STRAWBS Launch Their Reissue Programme

Last year, Cherry Red Group acquired the catalogue of Witchwood Media, the label which belongs to STRAWBS; this meant it was only a matter of time before their classic records would be reissued in expanded form – and, of course, it would be on Esoteric who released the veterans’ latest discography entry, "The Ferryman's Curse", in 2017. Now that time is nigh: following the group’s 50th Anniversary concerts in April, a box set of “Deadlines” will see the light of day on May 31st. The ensemble’s final ’70s offering, the original LP remains one of a genuine aficionado’s favorites, while for occasional listener it’s mostly memorable thanks to the cover designed by Hipgnosis, yet there’s no denying the strength of songs such as “No Return” – and there’s a reason why the old albums’ new advent starts with this particular title. All four main players on the 1977 platter – Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert, Chas Cronk and Tony Fernandez (interviews with three of them are planned for later in the year) – are present in the band’s current line-up and still carry the banner.

The reissue includes, alongside the remastered record, a generous number of previously unreleased bonus tracks, as well as the document of the ensemble’s concert for BBC’s “Sight & Sound In Concert” from 1978 – on CD and DVD, where the then-fresh pieces were performed among more famous tunes, including “Hero And Heroine” and “Lay Down” which opened the show. That’s what’s going to be in the box:

STRAWBS - Deadlines


CD 1 – the album:
1. No Return
2. Joey And Me
3. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss
4. I Don’t Want To Talk About It
5. The Last Resort
6. Time And Life
7. New Beginnings
8. Deadly Nightshade
9. Words Of Wisdom
bonus tracks:
10. Midnight (out-take)
11. No Return (acoustic demo)
12. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss (acoustic demo)
13. Time And Life (acoustic demo)
14. Deadly Nightshade (acoustic demo)
15. Words Of Wisdom (acoustic demo)
16. The Chosen Ones (acoustic demo)
17. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss (band demo)
18. No Return (Dublin production mix)
19. Joey And Me (Dublin production mix)
20. Deadly Nightshade (Dublin production mix)

CD 2 – BBC – “Sight & Sound In Concert”
February 18th, 1978:
1. Lay Down
2. The Last Resort
3. Ghosts
4. No Return
5. Heartbreaker
6. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss
7. Simple Visions
8. Cut Like A Diamond
9. Out In The Cold
10. Round And Round
11. Hero And Heroine

DVD – BBC – “Sight & Sound In Concert”:
– as on CD 2

March 20, 2019

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