SUPERTRAMP associates release instrumental collections

Marty Walsh and Carl Verheyen

Marty Walsh and Carl Verheyen

They are an English ensemble but there were some American members in SUPERTRAMP, and now two of these, guitarists Marty Walsh and Carl Verheyen, have released solo albums, both strewn with cameos from their famous friends. Neither Walsh, nor Verheyen aren’t considered a part of the ‘TRAMP history but they toured and recorded with the band and shared the stage in 1985-1986, and the latter is still in the line-up, so it’s an interesting coincidence with the timeliness of their current works. 

Yet that stint was only a small part of the axemen biography, as Marty’s CV includes the likes of Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and Gary Wright, whereas Carl’s one lists, among others, Silvie Vartan and Chuck Negron, so there’s no surprise there are “name” artists on their own records. Walsh’s “The Total Plan” sees the appearances of many choice musicians including bassist Abe Laboriel and drummer John Robinson, and Verheyen’s “Mustang Run” – where a jazzy version of SUPERTRAMP’s “Bloody Well Right” is – the contributions from Simon Phillips and Chad Wackerman, as well as Jerry Goodman and Bill Evans. And here’s the full tracklists.

MARTY WALSH - The Total Plan

The Total Plan

Marty Walsh – “The Total Plan”

1. Like A Rock
2. Feeling Free
3. Groove Mechanics
4. Fuel
5. Coast To Coast
6. Inside The Rain
7. The Duke
8. The Road
9. Back Pages
10. Now Is The Time

Carl Verheyen – “Mustang Run”


Mustang Run

1. Taylor’s Blues
2. Julietta And The St. George
3. Fusioneers Disease
4. Last Days Of Autumn
5. Amandola
6. Bloody Well Right
7. Riding The Bean
8. Passage To Run
9. Mustang Run
10. Fourth Door On The Right
11. Spirit Of Julia

July 10, 2014

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