Suzi Quatro And KT Tunstall Join Forces On Ten New Tracks

Those who watched the brilliant “Suzi Q” documentary would surely remember the stellar cast of Suzi Quatro‘s musician fans which included the likes of Cherie Currie and KT Tunstall, the two ladies who went on to collaborate with their idol further down the line. First Quatro joined Currie on “Roxy Roller” from the former’s “Blvds Of Splendor” in 2019, and now she engages in an entire album of duets with the latter.

Suzi and KT’s “Face To Face” is set to see the light of day on August 11th and will feature no less than ten fresh cuts – all laid down in England, although the label behind the platter, to be made available on both CD and vinyl, is the legendary Sun Records for whom Quatro delivered the “Uncovered” EP last year. As far as girl power rolls, this new album should rock – in style.

Face To Face

Listen to the record’s first track in a video below.

1. Shine A Light
2. Face To Face
3. Scars
4. Good Kinda Hot
5. If I Come Home
6. Damage
7. Overload
8. Illusion
9. Truth As My Weapon
10. The Ladies Room

June 18, 2023

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