Swamp Dogg Hosts Vernon Reid On “Blackgrass”

One of the most influential movers on the soul and blues scene without whom even rap wouldn’t be the same as we know it, Swamp Dogg might have turned into an octogenarian a couple of years ago, yet there’s no slowing down the man possessed not only of musical talents but also of fantastic sense of humor that was first manifested on his 1970 debut “Total Destruction To Your Mind” and 1971’s famously sleeved “Rat On!” and last on “I Need A Job…So I Can Buy More Auto-Tune” in 2022. And now, the veteran has prepared a new album for release on May 31st.

Titled “Blackgrass: From West Virginia To 125th St” and tracing bluegrass history to the genre’s African American origins, the country-oozing record features a few prominent guests, including LIVING COLOURS’ Vernon Reid and RILO KILEY’s Jenny Lewis, and judging by its lead single (watch below), it’s going to be as arresting as any of Dogg’s offerings.

From West Virginia To 125th St

1. Mess Under That Dress
2. Ugly Man’s Wife
3. Curtains On The Window
4. Have A Good Time
5. To The Other Woman (feat. Margo Price)
6. Songs To Sing
7. Count The Days (feat. Jenny Lewis)
8. Gotta Have My Baby Back
9. Your Best Friend
10. This Is My Dream
11. Rise Up (feat. Vernon Reid)
12. Murder Ballad

May 3, 2024

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