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April 21, 2024

It takes a jazz connoisseur today to know about PAT SMYTHE QUARTET, the British foursome commanded by a piano player who, having served in Joe Harriott’s revolutionary ensemble and helped introduce free jazz the UK, gathered a band of his … Continue reading

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NUCLEUS Box Their BBC Sessions

October 7, 2021

Ian Carr’s NUCLEUS was a British jazz-rock institution which, despite the presence of many an outstanding player – including stellar guitarists and Allan Holdsworth – and the recent attempts to the band’s classic output, still isn’t celebrated enough. One of … Continue reading

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SOFT WORKS’ Archival Performance To Be Issued

December 6, 2020

It’s going to be a poignant release because three quarters of this ensemble – Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper and Allan Holdsworth – passed away, and only John Marshall is still with us. “This ensemble” was SOFT WORKS – SOFT MACHINE … Continue reading

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NUCLEUS & Ian Carr – Torrid Zone: The Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975

August 8, 2019

Esoteric 2019 Music as a continuous process: classic oeuvre of British jazz institution boxed up for unconcealed delight in unified strands of imagination. It was a quiet revolution on Ian Carr’s part, when the trumpeter embarked on a trip of … Continue reading

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Paul Williams Passed Away

March 1, 2019

One of the finest British singers, Paul Williams, has died today at the age of 78, a man whose voice graced such diverse collectives as JUICY LUCY, TEMPEST and Allan Holdsworth’s I.O.U. – although, of course, they were all connected … Continue reading

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