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April 7, 2017

Manifesto 2017 Ghost of grumpy genius gets behind his own enigma to haunt the timeless memories. “How Deep Is The Ocean”: this Irving Berlin classic may pose a question that holds a key to Allan Holdsworth’s career, and it’s no … Continue reading

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UK To Issue Definitive Box Set

February 10, 2016

UK were one of the most underrated bands that arrived at the tail end of prog rock halcyon days. Taking a strange position between jazz-rock and pop, it was a combination of  and Eddie Jobson’s talents, initially fortified by the … Continue reading

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Jeff Berlin Pledges For A Jack Bruce Tribute

August 18, 2015

Both bass legends and brothers in arms,  and the great late Jack Bruce were friends, and now the former is to pay a homage to the latter with a special project. “Songs For A Wailer!” that will see many guests – … Continue reading

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September 14, 2013

Megazoidal 2001 / MoonJune 2013 Acquiring a new multitude of voices, fusion master unfolds one of the most unusual vistas of his career. The sound and manner of Allan Holdsworth have been easily recognizable since he left IGGINBOTTOM and spread … Continue reading

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