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March 6, 2022

Multiphase 2022 Breaking out of his usual space to think outside the box, Californian artist creates a half-intangible almost-masterpiece. Even though the signs have been there for some time, given that 2021’s offered the translucence of “A Solitary Interlude” for … Continue reading

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THE GONG FARMERS – Guano Junction

February 1, 2022

Spaceward 2021 Quietly gorgeous yet never understated, sophomore effort finds Newmarket ensemble ensconced en plein air and eschewing claustrophobia by bringing in friends. There are different sorts of shock: it’s a fact these artists are quite aware of, because, bringing … Continue reading

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ANGAD BERAR – A Broadcast, Underwater

January 8, 2022

Angad Berar 2020 Indian explorer of aural enigmas takes a dive into the cosmic uknown. It’s one of those records that, at the start, seem intangible, ethereal even, yet unobtrusively, slowly but surely suck the listener in until they’re shrouded … Continue reading

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BURNT BELIEF – Mutual Isolation

November 8, 2021

Alchemy 2021 Post-rock transfer of imaginary reality to the here and now turns into breathtaking emotional landscape. There was no sense of closure when arrived in 2016 as a final chapter of a project that Jon Durant and Colin Edwin … Continue reading

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October 8, 2021

Floating White Lotus 2021 Throbbing immersion into the depths of existence as guided by enchanted voyagers who follow their star from a world to a world. Intimacy can manifest itself in various ways, and music is one of the most … Continue reading

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