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ASIA MINOR – Points Of Libration

May 14, 2021

AMS 2021 Returning to the fray, Turkish-Franco quintet progress into the future without leaving their unforgettable past behind. “Silence is not the crime,” state this collective. Indeed, when old ensembles reconvene, aficionados often fear their heroes would sound either outdated … Continue reading

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BARIS MANCHO – Nick The Chopper

August 28, 2018

CBS 1976 / Pharaway Sounds 2018 Anatolian nightingale’s futile attempt to fill European forests with Eastern song. He might have been larger than life in his native Turkey, yet Bariş Manço always dreamed of taking his art outside the country, … Continue reading

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MOĞOLLAR – Moğollar

November 6, 2017

Diskotür 1976 / Pharaway Sounds 2017 Anatolian pastorale taken to a new level – and left for posterity. Known as “Ensemble d’Cappadocia” abroad, Turkish rock pioneers’ self-titled record was their third – and the last one in the ensemble’s original … Continue reading

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BARIŞ MANÇO / KURTALAN EKSPRES – Estagfurullah… Ne Haddimize !

October 10, 2017

Türküola 1983 / Pharaway Sounds 2017 Embracing his pop aspect, Anatolian nightingale gets into the groove. An established superstar in Turkey, Bariş Manço approached the ’80s trying to conceptualize as many musical strands as possible, and if 1981’s was primed … Continue reading

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EDIP AKBAYRAM & DOSTLAR – Nice Yillara Gülüm

May 19, 2016

Türküola 1982 / Guerssen 2016 The ’80s feed the head of Anatolian singer to create a delight with limited demand. Given Turkey’s geographical position, it’s a little surprise that European musical tropes have been finding their way into Middle Eastern … Continue reading

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