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ERIK DAHL – Music For Small Rooms

August 21, 2022

Svalka 2022 Out of Göteborg to go through the listener’s door and stun them in most understated manner, classically trained artist offers a stationary trip into one’s psyche. It’s all about the space for this composer: if Erik Dahl’s 2020 … Continue reading

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BRIAN WOODBURY – Rhapsody & Filigree

August 12, 2022

Some Phil 2022 To set the closing scene for idiosyncratic and synesthetic sins, Los Angeles’ own Herostratus struts his arsonous, artsy stuff into the sunset – if not towards the Strip. His involvement with various sorts of music, from songs … Continue reading

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ROBERT FRIPP – Washington Square Church

July 20, 2022

Panegyric 2022 Free from constraints of collective approach, avant-garde avatar scales solo heights. There’s something intrinsically, inherently wrong about Robert Fripp’s concert recordings committed to media. Existing strictly in the moment, in the here-and-now, his improvisatory pieces somehow retain their … Continue reading

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XANTHAN – Succubus Swing

July 14, 2022

Xanthan 2022 From Texas with aural riddles: young avant-garde trinity arrive to exorcise one’s demons. There’s a few ways to get into what makes this trio tick – like trying to decipher their name that may refer to either a … Continue reading

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CÉDRIC THEYS – Légèreté De L’Être

June 5, 2022

Mad Ducks 2022 Austin auteur progresses to purely composing aspect of sound to place percussive spin in this plateau of existence. An acclaimed Touch guitarist and sculptor of soundscapes, Cédric Theys has long felt a certain inadequacy of what he’s … Continue reading

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