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December 7, 2022

MoonJune 2022 Refusing to retain form but resisting the call of amorphous spirituality, avant-garde triumvirate seep and seed their sonics in different dimensions. Even though neither fierceness nor fearsomeness has ever seemed to enter these individuals’ intellectual vocabulary, the very … Continue reading

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EAMON THE DESTROYER – A Small Blue Car – Re​-​made​/​Re​-​modelled

November 21, 2022

Bearsuit 2022 A fresh approach to a Scottish pastiche master’s vehicle finds him on the road to obscure raptures. If you invite friends over for a playdate and tell them to bring along some toys, rest assured: quite a lot … Continue reading

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ANDREI RIKICHI – Caged Birds Think Flying Is A Sickness

October 29, 2022

Bearsuit 2022 Libertarian in search of meaning strikes a chord with fringe audience by finding accord with alternative reality. Given that the world has been a global village for quite a time now, there’s hardly anything surprising in Andrei Rikichi’s … Continue reading

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ERIK DAHL – Music For Small Rooms

August 21, 2022

Svalka 2022 Out of Göteborg to go through the listener’s door and stun them in most understated manner, classically trained artist offers a stationary trip into one’s psyche. It’s all about the space for this composer: if Erik Dahl’s 2020 … Continue reading

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BRIAN WOODBURY – Rhapsody & Filigree

August 12, 2022

Some Phil 2022 To set the closing scene for idiosyncratic and synesthetic sins, Los Angeles’ own Herostratus struts his arsonous, artsy stuff into the sunset – if not towards the Strip. His involvement with various sorts of music, from songs … Continue reading

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