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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT See The Light On A Spring Album

December 10, 2020

Having issued a seasonal EP “Here We Come A-Caroling” a week ago, BLACKMORE’S NIGHT have just announced the release of a full-length record on March 12th, 2021. Titled “Nature’s Light” and adorned with a rather unremarkable cover artwork, it comprises … Continue reading

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT and Ritchie Blackmore Expand Their Visuals

September 11, 2015

As we mentioned , next week will see the release of a new BLACKMORE’S NIGHT album, “All Our Yesterdays,” one of the highlights of which is an original composition “Will O’ The Wisp” whose premiere is drawing attention thanks not only to the … Continue reading

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Cover Mike Oldfield

June 30, 2015

From innovation to predictability: this path makes it hard to follow BLACKMORE’S NIGHT even for the most staunch fan of Ritchie Blackmore. As pleasant as the guitarist’s endeavors with his singing muse Candice Night are, their latest works become increasingly generic, … Continue reading

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT – Dancer And The Moon

December 11, 2013

Frontiers 2013 Coming full circle to their source, the Minstrel and the Damsel color the day in auburn to save it from the cold. Well into the second decade of their journey, this band continue to inhabit a rarefied air … Continue reading

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: a preview of their URIAH HEEP cover

May 11, 2013

Just recently here appeared a  by  on BLACKMORE’S NIGHT recording his  perennial on their . And today a preview of “Lady In Black” appeared on the Amazon.de site. Sounds good! Now, there’s a , too.

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