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Abel Fuentes: Tramp’s Footprints – The History of Supertramp

February 25, 2022

Uno Editorial 2021 When all the world’s asleep and the questions run too deep, an extensive and exhaustive treatise on the life of and times of British art-rockers offers all the answers and more. There are bigger bands who don’t … Continue reading

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June 29, 2021

Cranktone Entertainment 2021 American guitarist casts a glance over his shoulder to smile at the memories. Who doesn’t love a good company, especially in times like these? While Carl Verheyen can be perfectly happy in a solo mode, on such … Continue reading

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June 28, 2020

Sweetwater Studios 2020 Art-rock stalwart drums up friends’ support on a deeply personal concept offering. Given Nick D’Virglio’s prominent presence on a multitude of progressive rock releases, and the percussion master’s initials too, it must have been tempting to title … Continue reading

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Ramin Partovi Explores A Song From 27 Angles

April 24, 2018

Not a star yet, American guitarist Ramin Partovi‘s name may be familiar to those who saw him in a band on “Squirrel & Donkey Show” or were passengers of a commercial flight which he captained, yet if elite musicians treat … Continue reading

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February 22, 2016

Micha Schellhaas 2015 Deeper look into a deceptively simple method of a young guitar maven with Transatlantic vector and veterans’ support. Sharp on attack and sensitive to tradition, this German-born and California-based artist has a lot of front – image, … Continue reading

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