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MARCO MATTEI – Out Of Control

November 30, 2021

7D Media / Third Star 2021 Arriving from the Apennine Peninsula to conquer first America and then the world, a man of multi-instrumental stripe steps out into the open to progress beyond the pale. “The more the things change, the … Continue reading

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July 5, 2021

Esoteric Antenna 2021 Mapping method onto madness, American polymorph forms a new logic when the common sense is failing. Jane Getter is a skin-changer, rather than trend-setter, when it comes to inhabit different perspectives, and though inhabiting any world other … Continue reading

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MARCELO PAGANINI – Identity Crisis

May 15, 2021

Marcelo Paganini 2020 A quantum leap into the great unknown finds veteran guitarist finally locate his personal place in a grand scheme of things. To say that Marcelo Paganini’s previous propositions, 2014’s and from 2018, felt uninspiring wouldn’t mean underestimating … Continue reading

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November 27, 2015

MoonJune 2015 Celebration of the spirit: footloose, and sometimes furious, filigree fusion from Indonesia’s fast-fingered finest, with enviable company to help him roll it. One may thought that jazz-rock lost its progressive motion before the ’70s were over, and even … Continue reading

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TOHPATI – Tribal Dance

January 24, 2015

MoonJune 2014 Indonesian guitar maestro’s majestic strut into the West and back again. It’s a sign of uniqueness when your first name is enough for global recognition, and this musician knows it well, going from 2012’s , credited to Tohpati … Continue reading

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