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May 28, 2017

Gonzo 2016 Second trip by American art-rock traveler and French prog impressionist chart mental routes into the unknown that’s always out there near us. For each of these collectives, it’s always been about concepts and the looseness thereof, yet if … Continue reading

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CLEARLIGHT – Impressionist Symphony

May 21, 2015

Gonzo 2014 Aural gallery opens a new view as guests from the past pay a visit. Looking from the outside, it’s been a four-decade quest for Cyrille Verdeaux, an attempt to re-embrace the grandeur of 1975’s “Clearlight Symphony” that brought … Continue reading

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CLEARLIGHT shine again

April 9, 2014

Perhaps, not as much as Great Britain or Italy, but France made a nice contribution to the prog rock scene over the years, what with collectives like MAGMA and certain quarters of GONG. One of the most prominent ensembles of … Continue reading

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