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CYMBALIC ENCOUNTERS – Electricus / Incandescent Spirits

January 12, 2024

Mark Murdock 2023 Harnessing current to pass cryptic messages along the line, a couple of hair-raising statements sends shivers down the spine. Devised as a double album yet split in two parts to ease a load on the listener, the … Continue reading

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October 23, 2022

Mark Murdock 2022 Out from Tokyo and into the mystery, Phoenix-born artist highlights the steps to be taken on the route to peace of mind. For all the manifold projects Mark Murdock may have brewing simultaneously, it’s this one that … Continue reading

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August 9, 2022

Quite possibly Mark Murdock’s most loved project – existing alongside MASHEEN MESSIAH, THE NEW EMPIRE and his solo and collaborative output – the ensemble named CYMBALIC ENCOUNTERS had a heavyweight aura to them from the very beginning: from 2013’s when … Continue reading

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CYMBALIC ENCOUNTERS – Exploration Of The Southern Constellation

July 20, 2015

Mark Murdock 2015 Stellar approximations from fusion-flaunting drummer and his intrepid crew of rock-solid savants. From the moment Mark Murdock pulled into a prog orbit, first with Peter Banks from YES and then with the BRAND X alumni, there was no … Continue reading

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