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Rick Wakeman To Honor David Bowie With A Charity Single

February 1, 2016

has been playing David Bowie’s “Life On Mars” – the piece he originally recorded a piano part for – for years, but now the grand weird ballad has become a tribute to its writer. Most people’s, not fans’, perception of … Continue reading

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Scars That Can’t Be Seen: David Bowie Dies

January 11, 2016

More a perpetual motion than a man, David Bowie seemed to be living out of time – or rather, in a time capsule of his own creation which served as a beacon for the art of music, a signpost to go to … Continue reading

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Interview with TONY NEWMAN

February 28, 2013

June 2006 There are many different beats you can dance through your life to, yet there’s not too many a single drummer who can supply you with the beats for any occasion of your track. Tony Newman is one of … Continue reading

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