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April 16, 2020

Noisy 2020 Prog rock prime movers have their improvs pasted onto fresh canvas to cross over from the past to the future. When, in August 2010, former CRIMSON violinist and ex-YES guitarist commanded their strings to go where fantasy beckoned, … Continue reading

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John Hackett And Marco Lo Muscio Take Flight In Elite Company

July 7, 2019

Neither flautist nor organist Marco Lo Muscio are strangers to chamber settings – they played in such a setting both with other performers and a duo – but their new album “On The Wings Of The Wind” that’s out now … Continue reading

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January 31, 2019

Cherry Red 2018 Total abandon and mental effortlessness unite two masters of uneasy escapism and send them on journey into enigma. Never a second fiddle, ‘ violin was as defining and vital for KING CRIMSON as Andrew Booker’s electronic drums … Continue reading

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DIALETO – Live With David Cross

November 7, 2018

Chromatic Music 2018 Brazilian band bent on Bartók deliver their audacious dances to appreciative audience. Dedication, determination and a right dose of madness” that’s what made DIALETO’s such a storming success, yet taking the album many perceived as a one-off … Continue reading

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DAVID CROSS – Crossing The Tracks

September 29, 2018

Purple Pyramid 2018 Maven of progressive violin lays it on the line in order to augment reality and banish gloom. Given ‘ fierce creativity – on sporadic display since his stint with KING CRIMSON and performed in various experimental positions … Continue reading

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