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April 26, 2019

Angel Air 2019 Wizardry warping awry for veterans who take a field trip to a quidditch match. Laughter has been a major part of this group’s life from the very beginning, but where their previous efforts served it in droplets … Continue reading

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DECKCHAIR POETS – Searchin’ For A Lemon Squeezer

September 10, 2015

Angel Air 2015 Pourin’ juice on blue suede shoes: there’s a whole lotta madness goin’ on. “God Loves An Idiot” might serve as an anthem for this album that picks up where left off, so it wasn’t a one-off thing … Continue reading

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DECKCHAIR POETS – Who Needs Pyjamas?

November 9, 2013

Angel Air 2013 ASIA getting placed in JERUSALEM, not other way round, makes for a beautifully disorientating trip around the house amenities. Amen! Don’t say you weren’t warned! Yet the “Are you sitting comfortably?” question that sets things in motion … Continue reading

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DECKCHAIR POETS: New Supergroup feat. Geoff Downes

July 2, 2013

Never the one to slow down, , formed new band – all without severing his obligations with YES and ASIA – with kindred spirits Nick D’Virgilio, a drummer mostly known for his work with SPOCK’S BEARD, and singer Lynden Williams of JERUSALEM, whose only … Continue reading

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