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Walter Trout Calls Dee Snider And Beth Hart To Snarl At The World

December 26, 2023

By his own admission, Walter Trout has always tried to convey positive messages through his music – which somehow went against the grain of the gist of what the blues are about: bemoaning affairs of the heart as well as … Continue reading

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Homage To Leslie West Is Up For Release

November 12, 2021

Other guitarists may rarely name Leslie West as their hero, but the Great Fatsby’s influence is immense, and there’s hardly a classic rocker whose ears weren’t pricked at one point or another by the steamroller sounds of “Mississippi Queen” or … Continue reading

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TELERGY – The Legend Of Goody Cole

March 10, 2014

Telergymusic 2013 Bewitching story with a heavy plot and and heavy guests leaves no ghost unturned – and leaves much to imagination. One of the first British colonists in America, Eunice Cole became a victim of the Olde World prejudices: … Continue reading

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Leslie West scales new heights

August 13, 2013

Not so many artists who graced the Woodstock stage has remained as relevant as¬†Leslie West. Looks like the guitarist put MOUNTAIN on hold but the veteran’s songs such as “Long Red” that originally appeared on his 1969’s debut,¬†“Mountain,” which gave … Continue reading

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