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DONOVAN’S BRAIN – Fire Printing

April 25, 2024

Career 2024 Bozeman ensemble emerge from the verge of tragedy to reinvent their jangly reveries. It took this collective a couple of years to recover from the loss of three core members and celebrate the group’s thirtieth anniversary by displaying … Continue reading

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DONOVAN’S BRAIN – Faith In Failure

May 31, 2023

Career 2023 Refusing to abuse beliefs, old group from Montana locate fresh groove ahead of them. It was tragic for the Bozeman troupe to have fought through the pandemic – a period spanning three of their platters – and emerged … Continue reading

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DONOVAN’S BRAIN – Chiêm Bao Thấy Bậu

July 18, 2022

Career 2022 A band from Bozeman venture out to map out barely-there cinematics and soundtrack a road to illusion. Shipping robust psychedelia for more than three decades now, this Montanan ensemble have never ceased searching for new ways to express … Continue reading

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September 12, 2019

Career 2019 Spill the noise and split the choice: kindred spirits from America and Australia venture out in the cold to set the world on fire. While there seems to be no common ground between these two acts – except … Continue reading

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DONOVAN’S BRAIN – Turned Up Later

August 12, 2013

Career 2013 Celebrating the cerebral: the lucky seventh outing for a shamelessly psychedelic band. It’s all about optimism – on any level. Effervescent musically, the real life events behind this album make it poignant. It was finished when Bobby Sutliff … Continue reading

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