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February 21, 2017

MoonJune 2016 Taking it to the limit that’s not there, theater of rhythm creates imitation of life. It’s often a drummer thing to drive controversy as a means of contrast, and Xavi Reija is a master of this art. 2014’s … Continue reading

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XADU – Random Abstract

July 6, 2015

MoonJune 2015 Painting with sound, Dušan Jevtović and Xavi Reija come sparse but united in their double vision. Having played together for years, drummer Reija and guitarist Jevtović worked out a telepathic connection, an integral element of any jazz-inclined combo, … Continue reading

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May 25, 2015

MoonJune 2015 Download-only raw-rhythm extravaganza from Serbian guitarist caught in transition. There are records demanding an on-stage extension of their studio intent, and 2013’s was one of those, so Dušan Jevtović didn’t take his time in bringing its serrated edge … Continue reading

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XAVI REIJA – Resolution

December 17, 2014

MoonJune 2014 Slimming down his operation, Catalan drummer runs for raw nerve to tap into the cerebral. This Berklee graduate made quite a stir when his quintet had started producing well-ordered noise, yet when it came to “Resolution,” Reija’s claim … Continue reading

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DUSAN JEVTOVIC – Am I Walking Wrong?

February 12, 2014

MoonJune 2013 Troublemaking in style, new guitar explorer’s advent arrives at the wrong-footing of adventurous kind. Now there’s a great reason to reassociate Serbia and think of it not as of a war-ravaged country but as a birthplace of this … Continue reading

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