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THE GATEKEEPERS – The Gatekeepers

December 21, 2022

Think Like A Key 2022 Stored within a spellbinding story, sour-scented cynicism and sweet sarcasm may struggle to snatch a compelling tune yet mesmerize the listener anyway. Artistic struggle is a necessary part of creative process, artists’ struggle to let … Continue reading

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YANG – Designed For Disaster

March 13, 2022

Cuneiform 2022 Finally finding a voice to deepen the meaning of their instrumental narrative, international collective throw defiance in the face of adversity. This ensemble seemed to embrace defeat on in 2017, that album’s follow-up, the band’s fourth enterprise, displays … Continue reading

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UNQUIET MUSIC LTD – In The Name Of​ (A Prayer For Our Times)

July 2, 2021

Unquiet Music Ltd 2020 Elevating temporal matters to eternity, musical orison expands one’s horizons and positively preys on one’s soul. Despite this project starting to exist in 2019, Jean-Pierre Rossi began working on its debut two years earlier, yet the … Continue reading

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FRÉDÉRIC L’ÉPÉE – The Empty Room

September 3, 2019

Yang Music 2019 Inhabiting space with memories, French composer exorcises sadness from his six strings. “They reach into your room, just feel their gentle touch: when all hope is gone, sad songs say so much”: these classic lyrics must mean … Continue reading

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YANG – The Failure Of Words

November 24, 2017

Unsung 2017 Incommunicado: French instrumentalists return with a verdict for the world that can be saved in non-verbal way. Coming back with a third record to mark their 15 years of existence, the members of this quartet are understandably eager … Continue reading

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