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AMBIGRAM – Ambigram

February 26, 2022

Ma.Ra.Cash 2021 Inspired and endorsed by , Italian ensemble serve up a concept album to launch a heavy prog entity into the world. Ambigrams became all the rage upon the release of Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” – around the … Continue reading

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KING CRIMSON – In The Court Of The Crimson King: 50th Anniversary Edition

May 16, 2020

Panegyric 1969 / 2019 A towering achievement of popular music which refuses to be scaled fifty years on but lends itself to observation from various angles. It’s rather rare for a rock ensemble with a distinguished, distinct discography to have … Continue reading

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Homage To Emerson And Lake Features A Plethora Of Stars

January 24, 2020

It’s been a long time coming, yet – despite him being busy with YES and, occasionally, ASIA – Billy Sherwood has finally released, online-only at the moment, his “A Tribute To Keith Emerson & “. Yes, that’s the album’s title … Continue reading

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EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER – Once Upon A Time In South America

April 19, 2017

RockBeat 2015 / S’more 2017 Beyond pomp and circumstance, prog giants expose their true selves and thrive live. Their legendary status and acclaim as virtuosi might overshadow the fact that ELP were a little rock combo who used to think … Continue reading

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Greg Lake Passed Away

December 8, 2016

Greg Lake passed away yesterday, after a battle with cancer. A lucky man, indeed, he was a founding member of two great ensembles, but while Lake’s musicianship and voice overshadowed his other contributions to KING CRIMSON and ELP, Greg’s most important part there … Continue reading

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