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CHINAWHITE – Evolution(?)

January 13, 2022

Rock Company 2021 Philosophical treatise on existential crisis from international think-tank who thrive on melody. Assuredness and despair have been part of hard-rock dramas since day one but doubt could make anyone look weak, which makes this album, with an … Continue reading

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TRAGIK – Ultima Ratio

January 7, 2022

Rock Company 2021 Drawing the line through this divided world, hard rock veterans deliver a blow to boredom. This ensemble’s oeuvre may be uneven but no one can call any of Phil Vincent-fronted albums uneventful, and while some could say … Continue reading

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ALAN SIMON – Excalibur V: Move, Cry, Act, Clash!

January 6, 2022

Spirit Of Unicorn Music 2021 Producing aural imagery out of rage, stellar cast of ongoing rock opera deliver a lackluster tapestry. Having always felt more like franchise than a loose framework for songs that don’t fit Alan Simon’s stage-set projects … Continue reading

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TRIGGER MAFIA – The Brotherhood

January 2, 2022

Rock Company 2021 Hard rock bruvvers-in-arms from British Columbia brandish a perfect weapon to effectively fire their first shot. This album may smell of hair metal to some, only there’s almost no frills to what the Canadian foursome do, and … Continue reading

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October 25, 2021

Cleopatra 2021 Bringing electricity to the masses, grizzled god of thunder and axe-wielding chameleon unleash a shockwave of sturm und drang. They style their project as the clash of fire and ice, yet there’s a lot of coolness in Fernando … Continue reading

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