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ANITA SQUEEZE – Anita Squeeze

June 14, 2022

Anita Squeeze 2022 Erstwhile WARRANT string-wringer turns into a warbler to wire his wares around the world. ANITA SQUEEZE may proudly belong to the same line of dignified ladies as ALICE COOPER, MOLLY HATCHET and LIZZY BORDEN, but Josh Lewis’ highly … Continue reading

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CHUCK WRIGHT’S SHELTERING SKY – Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky

June 4, 2022

Cleopatra 2022 Renowned provider of vibrant rumble spreads his wings and, still anchored with a bottom end of things, takes off for a solo flight. A stalwart of hard ‘n’ heavy scene for decades, Chuck Wright‘s credentials as a musician … Continue reading

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IAN GILLAN BAND – Return To The Source

May 26, 2022

Talking Elephant 2022 From smoke on the water and into clear air turbulence: ultimate hard-rock singer expands his grasp of rhythm-and-blues and gets a grip on jazz. Born out of necessity after the former DEEP PURPLE warbler’s voice was frayed … Continue reading

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LIPS TURN BLUE – Lips Turn Blue

May 23, 2022

MiG Music 2022 Going for aorta instead of jugular, American AOR stalwarts bid farewell to their past to embrace the future with the help of a Foreigner guest. Lips turn blue when things take a turn for the worse and … Continue reading

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AMBIGRAM – Ambigram

February 26, 2022

Ma.Ra.Cash 2021 Inspired and endorsed by , Italian ensemble serve up a concept album to launch a heavy prog entity into the world. Ambigrams became all the rage upon the release of Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” – around the … Continue reading

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