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JASON BLAKE – Subsequent Ruins

March 9, 2023

7D Media 2023 If the piper can’t lead us to reason, Chicagoan twelve-stringer will color the rhyme. The story of The Rat-Catcher from Hamelin is a grim one, the tale in which children fall victim to a strife between adults … Continue reading

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LEON ALVARADO – Chasing The Electric Dream

February 23, 2023

Melodic Revolution 2022 Reeling in the years, prog-rock polymath rolls out an arresting array of instrumental scrolls. Never an alien to minimalistic aural lace, Leon Alvarado has invariably been dealing with luxuriant textures for a couple of decades now, as … Continue reading

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February 19, 2023

BHP 2023 There’s no glory without hope: venerated American multi-instrumentalist and his kindred spirits pay tribute to veterans. It may seem so easy to dismiss this platter as another star-strewn concept, in which some artists specialize, with a rather trite … Continue reading

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ANCHOR AND BURDEN – Kosmonautik Pilgrimage

February 17, 2023

MoonJune 2023 Getting physical, heavy avant-gardists gear up for another spaced-out anabasis and see it through to the end. Lately, Markus Reuter’s discography has become labyrinthine enough to provide his followers with a chance of a fresh discovery every now … Continue reading

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PETER HESSLEIN – Night Drive 3

February 13, 2023

Lucifer’s Records 2022 The last chapter of LUCIFER’S FRIEND guitarist’s trip down nocturnal highways dissolves in the mist of time. Although Peter Hesslein’s Latin-tinged credentials were apparent ever since “Spanish Galleon” had been launched, it took the veteran several decades … Continue reading

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