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CHARLES XAVIER – Pandemic Piano

January 18, 2023

Happy Note 2022 Out of his comfort zone and into the fire: San Franciscan driver of ivories ponders the past and the present. Calling himself the Xman may seem preposterous, yet though such a moniker doesn’t lend Charles Xavier any … Continue reading

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December 19, 2022

MoonJune 2022 Rooted in fertile ground and drawing on influences from across the land, a dad-and-lad ensemble bring their joy to the world. Father-and-son units were part of creative landscape for centuries as a certain way to pass musicianship from … Continue reading

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ROBEONE – Dream Suite

December 15, 2022

Transglobal 2022 Paying respects to his prominent predecessors, American keyboards proponent observes bright perspectives. Keith Emerson and , Jon Lord and : those artists pioneered the use of Moog synthesizer in rock context, and, listening to them, Robert Schindler also … Continue reading

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ABIGAIL HUANG – Chick Corea’s Childrens Songs

October 27, 2022

Solar Music 2022 A flowering talent from Florida outlines clarity of jazz experiment as a base of grace. When producer Michael Franklin informed Chick Corea of his plans to have the fusion genius’ 1984 platter reimagined, it was too late … Continue reading

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JIMMY RYAN – The Healing Guitar

September 4, 2022

Salvatori Productions 2022 Chicagoan six-stringer unfolds therapeutic tapestry and whisk one’s psyche away towards the great unknown. Ever since Jimmy Ryan stepped on a solo path with “21st Century Riffology” in 2017, the intensity of his delivery seemed to be … Continue reading

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