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February 21, 2024

Mango Prom 2024 Funfair festivities for fusion and funk aficionados feverishly dreaming of riding a timewarp carousel. Formulating futuristic schemes may have become commonplace for musicians trying to tightrope-walk the thin line between jazz and rock, and Scott Henderson is … Continue reading

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February 11, 2024

Hevhetia 2023 Slowly burning telepathy from transatlantic foursome caught in the act of tuneful communication. Two guitars and two trumpets don’t seem to be an ordinary instrumental array for a touring collective in which three Europeans meet an American and … Continue reading

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HUGH HOPPER – Jazzloops / The Stolen Hour

May 19, 2023

Burning Shed 2003 & 2004 / Explore Rights Management 2023 A veteran of avant-garde endeavors ventures on a voyage into a Möbius band and back again. To suggest that Hugh Hopper was just a bassist would seem to be a … Continue reading

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ANDERSON, CHUTE, EASLEY – Adventures Of The Moss Bear

April 14, 2023

ACE 2022 Vibrantly invigorating, if finely nuanced, jazz trip from a freshly formed trio of intrepid spirits. Although these three players seem to have pedigrees so dissimilar there’s hardly any common ground for them do dance on, it’s live improv … Continue reading

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CHARLES XAVIER – Pandemic Piano

January 18, 2023

Happy Note 2022 Out of his comfort zone and into the fire: San Franciscan driver of ivories ponders the past and the present. Calling himself the Xman may seem preposterous, yet though such a moniker doesn’t lend Charles Xavier any … Continue reading

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