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STONE THE CROWS Explore Their European History

December 4, 2022

Despite deceptive traditionalism of the music STONE THE CROWS delivered – that highly charged compound of blues, folklore and rock, all given a tangible progressive angle – it’s difficult to understand why this Scottish collective didn’t get enough accolades to … Continue reading

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STONE THE CROWS Dig Into The Beeb Archives

September 30, 2021

Theirs was a short history, yet STONE THE CROWS remain the finest progressive blues band to have hailed from Scotland, their four studio albums still sounding fresh and ever-relevant. However, on-stage this ensemble shone even brighter, which is why there … Continue reading

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September 10, 2018

Angel Air 2018 Most prominent moments of Scotland’s finest purveyors of Mississippi blues and its mighty spin-offs – majestically tragic and eternally vibrant. They might be giants, yet this group’s career turned out to be short-lived – or, rather, cut … Continue reading

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STONE THE CROWS – Teenage Licks / Ontinuous Performance

November 2, 2015

Polydor 1971-1972 / Angel Air 2015 Straightening their course, Scotland’s finest keep on rolling before their promising trip goes downhill into eternity. After two successful delivered in 1971, STC refactored their formula on many a front. First, bassist Jim Dewar … Continue reading

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Jimmy McCulloch: help the bio get a sound

April 14, 2014

A guitar prodigy, Jimmy McCulloch was Hank Marvin’s protégé before he reached a teen age. It’s a little surprise, then, that the youngster bloomed into a master whose instrument colored such classic as 1969’s “Something In The Air” by THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN that … Continue reading

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