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RICK WAKEMAN – A Gallery Of The Imagination

February 15, 2023

Madfish 2023 Filling empty frames with followers’ fantasies, esteemed soundscapist leads his flock to artistic freedom. Never a stranger to pomp and circumstance, went a different way when it came to the fiftieth anniversary of his solo debut, to focus … Continue reading

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RICK WAKEMAN – The Red Planet

October 8, 2020

Madfish 2020 With sound strength destroying sight, legendary ivories driver concentrates on a space rock that is Mars. Easing into retirement – whatever it means for such an indefatigable performer – seemed to venture back to his principal instrument, but … Continue reading

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THIS OCEANIC FEELING: A New Pop-Prog Supergroup

June 8, 2015

While pop and prog still may seem like strange bedfellows, there are people who bestride this deceptive rift – people such as singer-guitarist Chris Braide, who co-wrote songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera yet released an  with , and bassist … Continue reading

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RICK WAKEMAN – In The Nick Of Time

March 11, 2015

Gonzo 2012 / Esoteric 2014 Spaced out but not out there, another marvelous crusade of the Caped Wizard. If the myriad of ’s studio works requires a guide for the uninitiated who don’t want to be playing a hit-or-miss game, … Continue reading

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RICK WAKEMAN – Out Of The Blue

February 7, 2015

Music Fusion 2001 / Esoteric 2014 Heavy version of Caped Crusader’s caravan rock their all in Buenos Aires. Gone are the days when the touring version of THE ENGLISH ROCK ENSEMBLE included orchestras, but in 2001, when took his entourage … Continue reading

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