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November 13, 2023

6-String Ranch 2023 Out of oblivion and into the open: Austin team ground their groove in a neon-lit vista to emerge triumphantly under the sun. It looks like Matt Smith had to of his back catalogue to not only define … Continue reading

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MATT SMITH – 1988-2020

March 3, 2021

6-String Ranch 2020 Austin master of mellifluous vibe uncovers his past for wide world to marvel at decades of imagination running wild. Texas and arms often share the same context for all the wrong reasons, but Matt Smith is truly … Continue reading

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MATT SMITH – Being Human

February 19, 2021

6-String Ranch 2020 Texan guitarist and his coterie of kindred spirits tap into the soul of a person that cares. There’s nothing comically supernatural about this work, so any link to a popular TV series would be purely coincidental here. … Continue reading

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MATT SMITH’S CHOP SHOP – Live! At Strange Brew

January 12, 2021

6 String Ranch 2020 Texan six-stringer goes back to the future to uncover gems for all-time delight. “Chop Shop” might be the title of Matt Smith’s guitar instructional book – but it also was a name of one of his … Continue reading

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November 19, 2020

6 String Ranch 2020 Carpe diem on unplugged terms: Texan six-stringer gives a new lease of life to a tuneful heirloom. Here’s the sort of record one would expect from Matt Smith after looking up the Austin artist’s profile, wherein … Continue reading

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