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BE-BOP DELUXE – Drastic Plastic

May 18, 2021

Harvest 1978 / Esoteric 2021 Final adventure of a team who refused to get categorized and bid farewell on a serious note. Its title a warning of sorts, “Drastic Plastic” was the last album by this quartet – and it … Continue reading

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BE-BOP DELUXE – Modern Music

June 1, 2020

Harvest 1976 / Esoteric 2019 With jet-age life getting worse, British band start to part with glory and move into sunset eternity. Self-referencing is a neat rock trope that crops up occasionally, yet making a discourse meta is almost unheard … Continue reading

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BE-BOP DELUXE – Sunburst Finish

June 3, 2019

Harvest 1976 / Esoteric 2018 Half in anger, half in sadness, English purveyors of secret prophesies serve up their greatest work without selling their souls down the river. The second half of the ’70s saw, as oxymoronic as it may … Continue reading

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April 9, 2019

Happy Growl 2019 From the dark reaches of the ’80s and out of Wisconsin, unconventional trio take an angst-ridden trip into their psyche. With their blend of punk spikiness and new-wave spunk this band wouldn’t have looked out of place … Continue reading

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HOW WE LIVE – Dry Land

February 1, 2017

Portrait 1987 / Esoteric 2016 Fruitful promise unfulfilled: future prog figure’s first shot at big time that never came. Today, Steve Hogarth’s name is synonymous with MARILLION, but it would be futile to look for art rock on the only … Continue reading

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