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Nik Turner’s “Space Ritual” Extravaganza Sees A Deluxe Issue

December 12, 2022

Whatever Nik Turner did – with HAWKWIND, solo or as part of multiple projects he used to be involved in – was rough, intrepid and interesting, yet there’s not a lot of visual documents of the veteran’s cosmic adventures. That’s … Continue reading

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Nik Turner Leaves Our World In Search Of Space

November 12, 2022

Arguably, no one embodied intrepid spirit of space rock more perfectly than Nik Turner, a vastly underrated British musician who passed away, aged 82, on November 10th. He was the “wind” in HAWKWIND for the course-setting part of their existence … Continue reading

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ARTHUR BROWN – Monster’s Ball

October 31, 2022

Cleopatra 2022 Streaming his stentorian might through the prism of terrific classics to fan the tuneful flames, the God of Hellfire has fun and gets away with it. No-one’s oeuvre seems better suited to honor Halloween than Arthur Brown’s, other … Continue reading

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Arthur Brown Calls Friends To “Monster’s Ball”

August 24, 2022

It’s barely been a couple of months since Arthur Brown released the brilliant “Long Long Road” album but October 21st, ten days before Halloween that this artist came to associate with long ago, will see the issue, on CD and … Continue reading

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Nik Turner Fronts New Band And Get To A New Frontier

May 30, 2022

It must take a special skillset for a musician to carve an original niche and stay in there for decades while constantly pushing the envelope beyond the pale and to new frontiers, yet that’s how Nik Turner‘s been ever since … Continue reading

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