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Paul Di’Anno Lets His WARHORSE Loose To Cover DEPECHE MODE

May 7, 2024

If there’s ever been an original link between punk attitude and heavy metal stance, it’s , the singer on the first IRON MAIDEN longplays and a man behind quite a few riff-grinding projects over the subsequent decades. DI’ANNO and GOGMAGOG, … Continue reading

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HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS: another star-studded project

May 7, 2014

These two words might be familiar to many as the title of a computer game but Stéphane Honde, formerly a guitarist with French rockers CAFÉ BERTRAND and now a Californian, has decided to give it a new spin, and now HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS are a … Continue reading

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Hard rock heroes pay tribute to Michael Jackson

December 8, 2013

Out around the time of Halloween but evergreen enough to be interesting beyond the Yuletide period, “Thriller: A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson”  sees the hard rock veterans play the late great artist’s best pieces. Which is only logical given Michael’s … Continue reading

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Interview with PAUL DiANNO

February 5, 2013

November 2004 Safe to say, what Paul DiAnno’s been doing in the last two decades is less known than the name of IRON MAIDEN’s first singer. His voice remains etched in the grooves of the British band’s first two albums, … Continue reading

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