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WARD WHITE – Here Come The Dowsers

July 8, 2024

Think Like A Key 2024 Sarcastic Los Angeleno gets behind the scenes of screened stories and mysteries to divine the great divide of displays in the Hollywood Hills. Accessing familiar things in an unfamiliar way has been Ward White’s creative … Continue reading

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DAVID UDELL – It’s Worth It

June 26, 2024

David Udell 2024 Missourian master of six-string strangeness and twangy warmth is back with a restrained vengeance. A state of hurry seems alien to David Udell’s nature. In order to see it the potential listener has to cast a single … Continue reading

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MICHAEL DE ALBUQUERQUE – We May Be Cattle But We’ve All Got Names

June 14, 2024

RCA Victor 1973 / Think Like A Key 2024 Out of electric shimmer and into the spotlight, English artist issues an obscure chef-d’Ĺ“uvre that shines ever brighter on its 50th anniversary. Remembered primarily for his rather short shift with the … Continue reading

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May 23, 2024

Tin Drum Family Band 2023 Ambrosian album from a lockdown foursome whose telepathy is transcendentally infectious. Kids are an irritating kind of people yet you can’t help but love your brats, especially once the children begin to share your passions. … Continue reading

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ROME 56 – Paradise Is Free

May 7, 2024

Think Like A Key 2024 Take your off coats: there’s no dress code in heaven – it’s that simple up there in the sky. Back in the late ’70s, THE SHIRTS used to occupy the same pop end of punk … Continue reading

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