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March 1, 2023

Random Disturbance 2023 Dulcet surrender of progressive adventures’ veteran who abandons grief for a sad smile and warm embrace. Forming a significant fiber in the sonic fabric of such ensembles as SOUND OF CONTACT, which he co-founded, and PROGJECT, which … Continue reading

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January 2, 2023

Strawberry Hill 2022 From Rainbow Bridge to Golden Gate, a brace of songwriters bring brilliant tunes over many a gap to reach the right audience. Despite their steady presence on the dream-pop scene for the last two decades, this duo … Continue reading

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EX NORWEGIAN – On The Sidelines: The Albums 2015-2017

December 31, 2022

Dippy 2015-2017 / Think Like A Key 2022 Proving the consistency of their existence, indie melodicists from Florida embrace the band’s exuberant midlife crisis. Those who refer to The Free Encyclopedia as their source of information may assume that this … Continue reading

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AGONY STREET – Songs For William

September 24, 2022

Silverton 2020 Free from the webs of the past, lost layer of great late Swedish songwriter’s lore comes to light. A merry record with a sorry aura and a retro aroma, this album is a multicolored blast from the past: … Continue reading

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ZAN ZONE – Start Where You Stand

July 24, 2022

Randomaxe 2022 Contemplating society’s next steps and mapping out its route, New York ensemble draw new lines in the sand. While most artists found the pandemic-related downtime conducive to creative reflection, thus bunch of Brooklynites felt existential angst and anger … Continue reading

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