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1919 – Futurecide

May 6, 2019

Cleopatra 2019 A hundred years removed from their name, British post-punk brigade leave past behind to menace another century. Here’s an album made in the face of adversity, 1919 soldiering on after their leader Mark Tighe passed away – in … Continue reading

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THE ZIPPERS – The Zippers

April 25, 2018

MCA 1990 / Angel Air 2018 Still catching the skin, legacy album of American ensemble snaps out of lethargy. This Pittsburgh group seemed destined to hit the big time but, instead, found themselves doomed, due to the record label’s politics, … Continue reading

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MIDNIGHT CRISIS – Heart Beatings

March 19, 2018

Apocalipps 2017 Crisis? What crisis?.. Half an hour of NYC smutty bliss with a post-punk stripe. Ever since the CBGB days, New York has been a fertile ground for non-conformism, yet more often than not artists who sprang from there … Continue reading

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March 12, 2018

Cleopatra 2017 Post-punk miracle workers report from the road – for the first time in two decades. Perhaps, not a perfectionist, this band’s mainstay Bobby Hecksher admits to not liking concert documents, yet on the cusp of the American ensemble’s … Continue reading

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VOIGT/465 – Slights Still Unspoken

March 10, 2018

Unanimous Weld Enunciations 1979 / Mental Experience 2017 Post-punk artifact from Down Under that had to resurface and resonate with our era. Emerging in Sydney in 1976, this quintet upped their antennas high enough to catch the vibes from the … Continue reading

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