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DEREV – Leap Of Faith

June 24, 2021

Derev 2021 Canadian heavy prog engineers bring forth the first fruit of their lockdown efforts for all to savor. “Derev” means “leaf” in Armenian, the language which Armando Bablanian and Michel Karakach happen to speak, as the two had discovered … Continue reading

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ARAPACIS – Waterdog

April 17, 2021

Arapacis 2021 Fables of force, folly and other folk tropes as told by a troupe of Montrealer troubadours who progressively move towards doom and gloom. From 2003 on, this Canadian coven have been brewing an intoxicating mixture of highbrow art-rock … Continue reading

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December 25, 2020

Blossom Cult 2020 To believe and to prosper: German ensemble revive their rootsy ideas and come alive with a new mission. If the title of SEEKING RAVEN’s didn’t sound portentous at the time of its release, in 2016, the album … Continue reading

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DARWIN – 2: A Frozen War

December 1, 2020

Origin Of Species 2020 Somewhat disappointing deflation of a grandiose idea which chills rather than thrills. If DarWin’s debut was one of 2019’s most daring endeavors, with a dedicated website expanding the album’s context, its follow-up should raise doubts as … Continue reading

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OGD – The Big Game

November 11, 2020

Dreamland 2020 New York trio pool their talents to pull an impressive record which is trying to locate the collective’s true mojo. As far as acronyms go, this American ensemble didn’t let one’s fantasy run wild enough to arrange the … Continue reading

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