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NI – Fol Na​ï​s

February 19, 2024

Dur et Doux 2023 Leaving the linear routes of the Lyon region, a quartet of squall-seekers delve into ancient past to discover darkened future. If the name of this Bourg-en-Bresse band looks like a Roman numeral on the cover of … Continue reading

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ZWEITON – Gestalt

October 23, 2023

Alexander Paul Dowerk 2023 A symphony of screech from oblivion: Berlin master of Touch guitar finds a different, if still fierce, voice to express his zeitgeist feelings. There’s no rest for Alexander Paul Dowerk who has, over the last decade, … Continue reading

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DALLAS PERKINS – Experimental Truth

January 6, 2023

Dallas Perkins 2022 American six-string slinger sends his nimble fingers on trips across the fretboard in search of sonic candor. One of the last representatives of the dying breed that guitar heroes have become since their ’80s heyday on labels … Continue reading

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DEREV – Leap Of Faith

June 24, 2021

Derev 2021 Canadian heavy prog engineers bring forth the first fruit of their lockdown efforts for all to savor. “Derev” means “leaf” in Armenian, the language which Armando Bablanian and Michel Karakach happen to speak, as the two had discovered … Continue reading

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ARAPACIS – Waterdog

April 17, 2021

Arapacis 2021 Fables of force, folly and other folk tropes as told by a troupe of Montrealer troubadours who progressively move towards doom and gloom. From 2003 on, this Canadian coven have been brewing an intoxicating mixture of highbrow art-rock … Continue reading

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