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TU-NER – T-1 Contact Information

September 20, 2023

MoonJune 2023 Against the grain of logic as a way for a reason, a rhyme and a rhythm: intrepid explorers of time and space find a new angle to corner. It may seem strange yet, of the myriad ensembles that … Continue reading

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September 12, 2023

Polydor 1968 / Think Like A Key 2023 Gloomy assessment of generational shift from shoulders of the road towards the future in oblivion. Totally at odds with the colorful outlook behind the Summer of Love, this bleak album seemed to … Continue reading

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THE ID – Disaster Movie

August 31, 2023

The Id 2023 Per aspera ad disaster and on towards redemption: prog veterans hit the rock of ages. This international team who made their purely remote work a point of pride have been driving their Freudian vehicle for nigh on … Continue reading

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AQ&F – 2nd Life

August 25, 2023

AQ&F 2023 La Rochelle musician shapes a fresh reality out of shattered reveries to provide a new impetus to forgotten memories. A veteran of a few tribute collectives, Arnaud Quevedo may have accelerated his creative momentum in 2020 to offer … Continue reading

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THE CURATOR – Living Space

August 21, 2023

Cromerzone 2023 Venturing beyond the confines of personal cosmos, Norfolk’s conjurer of tuneful wonders looks forward to finding peace of mind. There always was something eerie in Alistair Murphy’s music yet, as his 2021 opus suggested, the veteran’s retirement from … Continue reading

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