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March 2, 2024

Talking Elephant 2024 Running in parallel, two worlds collide to create an explosion of melodic sound. His VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR tenure turned out to become both a blessing and a curse for David Jackson: the progressive rock period provided … Continue reading

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NEAL ROSNER – Kentucky

February 27, 2024

Bradlor 2023 From mundane to heavenly, American commentator of existential thrills gets his solo shift together. When a phrase “Don’t be a fool” has an attachment of “don’t be a jihadist too” on the chorus of an album’s inaugural song, … Continue reading

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ZANOV – Lost In The Future

February 23, 2024

Zanov Music 2023 On a fantastic voyage into the great unknown, French maven of synthetic sonics fathoms frontiers of faraway feasibilities. Nigh on five decades down the line from the moment he fell in love with artificial aural shapes, Pierre … Continue reading

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SYNDONE – DirtyThirty

February 15, 2024

Ma.Ra.Cash 2023 Turin art-rockers fathom the depth of their reflection in the memories’ mirror. While most prog groups seem to consider it de rigueur to work in as many serpentine time signatures as their oeuvre would allow, this ensemble every … Continue reading

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ANYONE – Miracles In The Nothingness

February 3, 2024

TogethermenT 2023 Dissolving the darkness, American multi-instrumentalist sees scintillating future on the horizon. If rock in general is often fueled by blind ambition, the genre’s progressive strand is ever so frequently driven towards vanity fair, and the impression left by … Continue reading

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