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SYNDONE – DirtyThirty

February 15, 2024

Ma.Ra.Cash 2023 Turin art-rockers fathom the depth of their reflection in the memories’ mirror. While most prog groups seem to consider it de rigueur to work in as many serpentine time signatures as their oeuvre would allow, this ensemble every … Continue reading

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ANYONE – Miracles In The Nothingness

February 3, 2024

TogethermenT 2023 Dissolving the darkness, American multi-instrumentalist sees scintillating future on the horizon. If rock in general is often fueled by blind ambition, the genre’s progressive strand is ever so frequently driven towards vanity fair, and the impression left by … Continue reading

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DAVID CROSS BAND – Ice Blue, Silver Sky

January 30, 2024

Noisy 2023 With gold through their eyes and bow over the bridge, intrepid virtuoso leads his squadron to celestial delights. Illogical if often just, accusing progressive rock veterans of unwillingness to experiment as fiercely as they did in their prime … Continue reading

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ACQUA FRAGILE – Moving Fragments

January 26, 2024

Ma.Ra.Cash 2023 Solving sonic puzzles, parmesan purveyors of sweet surrender perceive possibilities of tomorrow. Back in 2017, when these veterans of Apennine prog returned to the fray after a four-decade intermission, there somehow was no feeling of a fresh chapter … Continue reading

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EDISON SUIT – Persistence Of Vision

January 20, 2024

Melodic Revolution 2023 To square the circle in the eye of a quarter-century storm, almost-forgotten Los Angeles proggers return with a fresh perspective. Too often too balmy, California never felt like a safe environment for an adventurous ensemble of art-rock … Continue reading

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