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Long-Forgotten Star-Strewn Rock Oratorio Prepared For Release

March 18, 2024

Religion-tinged concept albums are rarely popular, “Jesus Christ Superstar” being an exception, and still, the disappearance of a similarly styled 1977 record from most of radars doesn’t fail to surprise, given that the double-LP set “The Bible: A Rock Testament” … Continue reading

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March 25, 2021

Right Track 2021 Informal gathering of kindred spirits who let their past influences inform the future. could be called a quiet one-man institution of British rock had his bass rumble not been as palpable and supple at the same time … Continue reading

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August 15, 2015

Angel Air 2015 Gain from afar: former AFFINITY singer delivers her second solo album, more than four decades after the first one. Fetch might be something one gets with an effort but the Roger Dean cover of this record suggests … Continue reading

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Linda Hoyle Returns In Style

June 3, 2015

Some careers have not be long to echo down the years, and it’s surely the case with Linda Hoyle, who was the singer with AFFINITY in the late ’60s – early ’70s and released a solo album, 1971’s “Pieces Of Me,” before … Continue reading

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Bill Fay readies a new record

June 11, 2014

Among the legendary singer-songwriters, Bill Fay stands out. Having had issued two albums, the lighter self-titled debut in 1970 and “Time Of The Last Persecution” in the following year, the auteur disappeared and for decades, as his records were gathering a cult … Continue reading

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