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Long-Obscured Legends ROYCE Uncover Long-Lost Tapes

February 20, 2023

Once upon a long ago, there was a glam-rock ensemble in London called MERLIN – comprising such now-known musicians as keyboardist Robert Webb and guitarist Jamie Moses – whose sole album, released in 1974, was produced by Roger Greenaway and … Continue reading

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ENGLAND – The Concerts In Japan

January 16, 2023

New Music – Green Tree 2022 Revitalized in all its glory, art-rock also-rans’ oriental reports dazzle with previously obscured brilliance. Not for nothing “Garden Shed” – this ensemble’s debut album, untimely issued at the peak of punk’s short reign on … Continue reading

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THE GATEKEEPERS – The Gatekeepers

December 21, 2022

Think Like A Key 2022 Stored within a spellbinding story, sour-scented cynicism and sweet sarcasm may struggle to snatch a compelling tune yet mesmerize the listener anyway. Artistic struggle is a necessary part of creative process, artists’ struggle to let … Continue reading

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ENGLAND Restore Their Japanese Recordings

June 18, 2022

With their sole ’70s album “Garden Shed” and the only EP “The Imperial Hotel” praised by progressive rock cognoscenti, British ensemble ENGLAND have long been considered cult heroes so, despite the fact that the band’s alumni would find fame, if … Continue reading

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BAND OF RAIN – The Sun King

December 8, 2021

Chris Gill and Katrina Gill 2021 Lifting the veil of grey mysteries, British collective shine the light on the dark ages and see the future in their reflection. “It’s not like me to double and bend my ways to every … Continue reading

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