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Glenn Hughes And Robin George Legalize Their Joint Effort

September 22, 2023

There are musicians whose archives seem to be bottomless – and not only with regard to concert documents but also to studio recordings, and two of those are two Black Country veterans, and , whose collaboration wasn’t limited to the … Continue reading

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ROBIN GEORGE – Rogue Angels

July 3, 2018

Angel Air 2018 Free agent at last: Black Country guitarist soars in in the Spanish skies to gown in glory. For decades, the legend of was tightly tied in with the names of singers he played with yet, with this … Continue reading

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July 12, 2016

Angel Air 2016 Black Country guitar slinger gets back to basics to reclaim his legacy. Blinded with his knack for songwriting and fretboard gymnastics, ‘s achievements as producer are easy to overlook, yet it’s this skill set that helps the … Continue reading

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ROBIN GEORGE – Dangerous Music II

March 28, 2015

Angel Air 2015 Diamonds that time forgot: dusted-off dainty from Wolverhampton’s six-string-slinger. With his pop melodies and heavy bent, was a perfect guitar hero for the ’80s, one that the likes of Robert Plant, another Midlands lad, kept in high … Continue reading

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CLIMAX BLUES – Broke Heart Blues

March 7, 2015

Angel Air 2015 Definitive climax planned to be called “Cruel” – from Pete Haycock’s final supergroup. One may argue if it was a good idea to launch CLIMAX BLUES into parallel existence with the current CLIMAX BLUES BAND where no … Continue reading

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