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KING CRIMSON – In The Court Of The Crimson King: 50th Anniversary Edition

May 16, 2020

Panegyric 1969 / 2019 A towering achievement of popular music which refuses to be scaled fifty years on but lends itself to observation from various angles. It’s rather rare for a rock ensemble with a distinguished, distinct discography to have … Continue reading

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GENTLE GIANT – Three Piece Suite

October 7, 2017

Alucard 2017 No jacket required: the not-so-humble emergence of gargantuan aural entity – now in glorious technicolor. In conceptual terms, patina has always served this ensemble’s early albums well, but as antiquated as those records are – in a good … Continue reading

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GENTLE GIANT Mount A New Concept

July 28, 2017

A richly rewarding experience, it takes an acquired taste to love GENTLE GIANT. That’s why, perhaps, the band’s reissue programme has been progressing slowly but turns out impeccable. There won’t be a regular album, though, to see the light of … Continue reading

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January 29, 2016

Vertigo 1972 / Alucard 2015 Concept album that never was: a resurgence of multi-tentacled prog monster – still menacingly beautiful after all these years. Among the towering achievements of British art-rock from the ’70s, “Octopus” stands out as a meeting point … Continue reading

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JETHRO TULL And Steven Wilson Upgrade “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll”

October 7, 2015

Despite an array of good songs, “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll:  Too Young To Die!” has never been a firm favorite of JETHRO TULL fans, and it’s been only its title track that the band cared to perform through the years … Continue reading

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