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DARK MOOR – Project X

January 26, 2016

Scarlet 2015 “X” marks the spot in space and time but means much more for Spanish symphonic metallurgists. A concept album about aliens may signal a set of clich├ęs but this group throw such notion out on album number ten … Continue reading

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July 15, 2015

Patamu 2015 Italian youngsters charge onto symphonic metal scene with a promising battle cry. Two years of groundwork might not be a long time to make a convincing bid for originality, yet this quintet’s recording debut is rather spectacular – … Continue reading

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WINTER IN EDEN – Court Of Conscience

June 7, 2015

Cherry Red 2014 Heavy testifying from the Albion shores: out of confines and into the realm of confidence. Here’s a band who clearly strive for beauty but struggle to live up to their name, and the breakout from this chilly … Continue reading

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