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SYNDONE – DirtyThirty

February 15, 2024

Ma.Ra.Cash 2023 Turin art-rockers fathom the depth of their reflection in the memories’ mirror. While most prog groups seem to consider it de rigueur to work in as many serpentine time signatures as their oeuvre would allow, this ensemble every … Continue reading

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SYNDONE – Kama Sutra

May 27, 2021

Manticore 2021 Marrying comedy with drama, Piedmont proggers enter another comfort zone. The Turin troupe’s inherent theatricality has never let sarcasm seep through to the sweet surface of their songs – until now, when titles of “Kama Sutra” tracks hint … Continue reading

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SYNDONE – Eros & Thanatos

September 19, 2016

Fading 2016 Love and Death and all points in between: Turin six-piece explore emotional terra incognita and look it up on the map of our world. Dipped in classicism, this band’s albums excel in contextualizing ancient – or, rather, timeless … Continue reading

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Steve Hackett And Ray Thomas Guest On SYNDONE’s Record

May 14, 2016

Back from hybernation in 2012, Italians SYNDONE have been on the creative rise over the course of two albums, their latest being 2014’s  that tapped into Homer’s classic. Now, though, the sextet from Turin explore a different mythology on their next … Continue reading

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SYNDONE – Odysséas

August 16, 2015

Fading 2014 Ulysses journey lending itself to other sort of progression – an art-poetry in motion. Having broken in 1993 after two albums and back after 19 years in limbo, by now this Italian band added another brace of records … Continue reading

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