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N.y.X. – The News

June 13, 2016

7D Media 2016 Penumbral messages out of noosphere: Turin trio take it to the limit and stress-test the media madness with Crimsonites in tow. Seven year down the line from “Down In Shadows” which signaled their advent, this Italian band … Continue reading

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SECURITY PROJECT Reimagine Peter Gabriel

April 7, 2016

There’s a new force in town. SECURITY PROJECT is a quintet featuring very experienced players, and here’s this case when it’s greater┬áthan the sum of its┬áparts. With prog movers Jerry Marotta and Trey Gunn providing vibrant rhythms and driving the … Continue reading

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November 24, 2015

Seconds Before Landing 2013 Conspiracies-inspired, Pennsylvanian proggers’ first flight down to earth and close to home. On the verge of reality, rumors breed: that’s where fertile ground is for letting one’s imagination run wild – and that’s what John Crispino … Continue reading

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SECONDS BEFORE LANDING – Seconds Before Landing II

August 23, 2015

Seconds Before Landing 2014 Second descent of daring spirit from ambient vibrancy down to sinful earth. It was on a concept ground that singer and multi-instrumentalist John Crispino unfolded his prog project back in 2012, but this follow-up to doesn’t … Continue reading

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TREY GUNN – The Waters, They Are Rising

May 29, 2015

7D Media 2015 Water, water every where: a liquid touch from a guitar supremo. Great experimentalist that he is, Trey Gunn never breaks away from a natural timbre, and what can be more natural than lapping of water, a soundscape … Continue reading

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