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Paul Raymond Covers Classic Songs On New Album

May 3, 2018

An unsung hero of British rock, Paul Raymond may be most renowned for his long-term stint with U.F.O. yet the veteran’s guitar is also prominent on classic records by CHICKEN SHACK and SAVOY BROWN to name but a few ensembles … Continue reading

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UFO Land For Cover Experience

July 29, 2017

UFO have never been strangers to an occasional cover of a memorable tune, be it Frankie Miller’s “A Fool In Love” or a “Mystery Train” blues, but on September 29th the British band go for the entire experience of delivering … Continue reading

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UFO – Live Sightings

March 4, 2016

Cleopatra 2016 Taking a shine out in the early ’80s, down-to-earth spacemen descend on American Midwest to let their rocks off. In public perception, past the ’70s, the halcyon days of UFO had been over; in reality, in the next … Continue reading

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UFO’s Early ’80s Shows To Be Released In A Box

January 13, 2016

Unlikely heroes of British rock,¬†UFO were rather unique in their transition from psych/space idiom to heavy tropes in the ’70s. But while the next decade, though, might have seemed inauspicious for the band, they regrouped and soldiered on delivering the … Continue reading

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Interview with PHIL MOGG (U.F.O.)

February 5, 2013

August 2002 Russian This may seem rather strange but U.F.O., never the players of hard rock major league, had penned much more smashes than, say, PURPLE or ZEPPELIN. Songs like “Too Hot To Handle”, “Only You Can Rock Me”, “Doctor … Continue reading

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