TALBOT – Scaled

Talbot 2013

TALBOT - Scaled

TALBOT – Scaled

Estonian duo eat from the hand of doom and feed up off sonic decay.

When “Spectral Express,” the opening number of this band’s second full-lengther, drifts into the picture, one may think its mix went awry, yet slowly but surely the picture starts to make sense, and decomposing which hangs on Magnus Andre’s bass riffs and solos, turns out to be a creative method. But what initially shapes up heavily progressive, like BLUE OYSTER CULT crushed by Godzilla, with roaring and growling coming in hazy shafts, sprawls into the mid-’70s SABBATH territory soon enough, where the silver alienation of “EgoMine” possesses a Gothic pull, the full-on sound making it hard to believe TALBOT comprise only two people.

Jarmo Nuutre’s cymbals shine in the 12-minute “Shadowbird” before the drift gets lost in its mire, even though the pace speeds up a bit as it flows. Still, the slithery guitars of closer “Hallelucinogen” loop it all back to a heightened – or is drowned? – state of psychedelia. Doom-laden, yes, with church organ finishing it all, but, perhaps, it’s just a bad dream unfolding here.


August 22, 2013

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