Tamara L. Wilson 2021

Let It Go

North Carolinian singer-songwriter’s fourth mini-album sends good vibes out to the world to establish her listener’s well-being.

From her lone longplayer to the string of EPs – of which “Let It Go” is the latest – Tammy Wilson has been unobtrusively preaching universal balance for a few years now. Never didactic and always melodically alluring, this artist bases her numbers on stories of people she knows or her own experience, and that’s why the compositions Ms Wilson offers are invariably relatable, and the four cuts on display here have the same pull and warmth.

Starting with the optimistic ballad “It’s Your Life (Believe)” whose piano ripples outline a spiritual uplift, Tamara strives to stream her positive message with a poised hurriedness which will be restricted to voice before Joey Stuckey’s sunny guitar licks take it higher and let harmonies shine ever so brightly. But if the perky “Have It All” and a new, funky mix of the chanteuse 2020’s single “Little More Love” are even more blazing – blinding the listener with brass and beaming with dance beats – there’s country rock pumping through the record’s soulful, organ-smeared title track.

Projected on a full-length album, such stylistic variety may give Wilson’s next record a great flavor. It’s time to bring it on, Tammy.


July 7, 2021

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