Close to two decades after their last comeback, Finnish prog-jazz giants TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI still evoke much interest in the genre’s connoisseurs, which is why there’s a constant demand for recordings from the ensemble’s halcyon days, especially their early ’70s era. Then, the band took part in Ruisrock Festival in Turku on an annual basis – only no one bothered to have taped their shows. Or so it seemed until recently, until three numbers from the group’s inaugural, 1970 appearance at the event saw the light of day in 2021′ and now their next outing there is ready for issue too.

Live At Ruisrock 1971

Scheduled to be out on March 1st, “Live At Ruisrock 1971” captures the Suomi collective’s set that included a couple of works-in-progress, still not having the final forms and the titles they would receive on “Lambertland” a year later, and the Scandinavians’ take on Zappa’s “King Kong” whose existence has been long-discussed by the band’s fanbase. Must be a magnetic release.

CD 1:
1. Better Move On (The Bargain)
2. Feel My Way Through (Ramblin’) / Impressions Of India

CD 2:
1. King Kong / Celebration Of The Saved Nine
2. Better Move On (The Bargain) – recorded at the Finlandia house

January 26, 2024

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